4 Things to Remember if You’re an Older Adult Going Back to College

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Stepping into a college classroom can be mentally challenging at a later age. You never know what to expect and times have changed. However, you have the ability to overcome any college obstacle. You simply need to remember the following advice for when you step back onto campus.

Have Confidence in Yourself

Anyone can go to college at any age. And despite what you may think, no one is judging you for your age in a classroom. You are all there to learn and grow as adults, so be confident in yourself. You deserve to better yourself. Strive to make friends with others in your classroom. Have somewhere to sit at lunchtime. And never, ever think someone is better than you are because they seem to know all the answers. You can do it. You simply have to believe in yourself and put in the hard work.

Taking Notes is Still Important

Jotting down what the teacher said was important back in the day, and it’s still important today. Whether it be with a pen and paper, or a smartphone app and recorder, you need to write down, or record to remember, everything your teacher says during an important class. Stay one step ahead by bringing a few extra pens and sheets of paper to pass around to those students that might have forgotten theirs. Keep your notes organized and readable for yourself later.

Refurbished Electronics Are Your Friends

There are dozens of electronic stores online and in person, but most of them are so pricey. Snag a refurbished Toughbook for a big inexpensive deal, then tote it to class in your backpack. These kinds of computers will become your best friend during your college career. They have multiple apps, such as calculators and office documents, and you can type to take notes.

Your Age Doesn’t Matter in the Classroom

You might have noticed that you are one of the oldest people in the classroom. But guess what…nobody cares. And those that do care are probably going to fail the class because they are more concerned with being judgmental than they are about learning. Keep your head up, learn, thrive, and flourish. Your age doesn’t make a difference.

It can be daunting for an adult to step back into the classroom after years on hiatus. However, if you remember the aforementioned advice, you should be just fine.