Negative effects of online games involving money

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Games, the very word brings happiness to our mind. It makes us forgets any sorrows or difficulties and makes us happy for that moment. Right from childhood everyone would have played games. Some prefer playing outdoors whereas some like to play indoors. Some play for recreation whereas some play it as a sport and excel in it. It all depends on how one takes it. Many children run and play outdoors. This makes them grow healthy. Any game which involves physical activity is always helpful in building a good body posture. It helps in developing muscles and bones. That is why every school follows a physical training hour every day to keep children moving instead of making them sit the entire day. This not only makes them physically strong but also refreshes their mind for the next study hour. This also helps them not to doze off in school or feel dumb due to classes taken continuously.


It refreshes mind and body and makes them ready for the next job. Children learn to build team, work together and learn skills of defeating the opponent team. All this also helps in developing their interpersonal skills. But today children are interested in playing online games. They are neglecting to play outside. Online games are brain games which involves thinking. Though this is good for developing the analytical skills, playing outside and running around has eventually decreased due to the invention of online games. Children are introduced to tablets and mobile phones at an early age by the parents that make them addicted to games. Over use of these devices can also result in early puberty, eye sight issues and other health problems. People should be aware that online games are only part of their life and will never help in having a healthy body.

Effects of Online games

These online games are addictive. This sometimes brings relationship problems since the person spends most of his or her time in playing games. It can also cause depression and anxiety within the family. Some of them involve playing with money. People who play with money tend to lose it at one stage of life and regret later.

Drinking shots games

One such game that is played for fun and money is the Canadian online slots. People do not take it serious when it comes to playing for money. They play it for fun and bet on a huge amount and a loss will take everything from them. The player should be aware of all the rules of Canadian online shots and should start with low value bets. He can increase the bets as his confidence on the game knowledge increases.