5 Best Camera Smart Phones Currently in the Market – Buy One on EMI!

Whether you are a professional photographer or like capturing moments with your camera phone, there are so many reasons to create memories. You may find millions of joyful memories while dealing with the daily life struggles.

Today, your phone is more than just something you use to make and receive calls. Like most users, you may require your phone to capture the right moments. Smartphones, today, are technologically advanced and choosing the best one may be confusing.

Here are five smart phones that offer amazing camera.

  1. Google Pixel

The Pixel XL comes with a 12MP front camera and an 8MP rear camera. It is one of the most dependable camera phones and if you are looking to buy one, this is a smart choice.

  1. Apple iPhone 8Plus

This phone has an excellent camera that captures all the details. The primary camera is 12MP+12MP and the rear camera is 7MP.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The dual-camera phone offers Bokeh effects with excellent regular shooting. This phone comes with 12MP+12MP primary camera and 8MP rear camera.1

  1. OnePlus 5

The camera is one ofthe best among Android phones. The primary and rear cameras are 20MP+16MP and 16MP, respectively.

  1. Sony Xperia XZ1

The camera includes predictive capture feature that intelligently clicks the accurate emotions. With 19MP primary camera and 13MP rear camera, you may capture amazing memories with this phone.

Now that you know about some of the best camera phones, are you wondering how to buy one of these? If you have a credit card, you may simply swipe it and pay for the phone. Some vendors allow you to buy the phone in equated monthly installments (EMIs) using the credit card. However, interest rates and other charges on a credit card are high. Are you wondering how to buy a phone on EMI without a credit card?

Several financial institutions now offer you an alternative option. You may bring home the latest camera phone without paying in full or needing a credit card. Financial institutions offer consumer durable loans (CDLs) that allow you to purchase a phone without any difficulty.

Here are three features that make CDLs a good option.

  1. Quick approval

When you apply for a consumer durable loan, you need to submit certain basic documents. These include name and birth date, bank account details, residence and office address, and identity proof. The entire procedure is quick and completed within a short period.

  1. Flexible tenure

With CDLs, you are able to purchase a phone on EMI. The EMI is based on the loan amount, tenure, and interest rate. Lenders offer up to two years of repayment tenure, which ensures you have no difficulty in servicing the loan.

  1. Loan amount

Lenders offer between INR 8000 and INR 5 lakh when you apply for a consumer durable loan. This ensures you may buy the latest camera phone as per your personal choice.

Buying your desired mobile on EMI with CDLs is simple and quick. Avail of one today, bring home the latest camera phone, and capture lifelong memories.