How to Start a Cleaning Maid Business Cheaply

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While cleaning maids can make a rather lucrative income by charging between $25 and $50 per hour with a filled client schedule, it can be challenging to start the business on a low budget. However, it is more than possible when looking in all of the right places for supplies and by following a few simple guidelines. Every successful small business must start somewhere!

Find a Partner, Not Employees

Employees will need to be paid a basic flat rate to clean. They could cost the newborn company more than they are bringing in during the early months. Instead, try finding a partner to manage and invest in the startup with. The partner can help to fund cleaning supplies, outfits or uniforms, advertising, and much more. The partner could also help with scheduling clients during off hours. Once the business is gaining traction, employees will likely be needed.

Buy Generic Cleaning Products

Generic cleaning products tend to cost over 50% less than name brand cleaning products. Therefore, it makes more sense financially to start out with them. Higher end clients may require name brand or specific cleaners, or they might request chemical free, organic, green, or child safe cleaners; some of these cleaners can be made at home, as though. This will lower the initial investment and cleaning products could be upgraded when the company begins turning a profit and attracting customers.

Sourcing Additional Supplies

Cleaners are only a small part of the supplies that are necessary for a cleaning business. Employees will need outfits or uniforms to clean in, rags to clean with, and gloves or masks to protect them from cleaners. Buying cleaning cloths wholesale can save the company a lot of money, as cloths can be very expensive in traditional department stores. If the company will be wearing uniformed outfits that are designed by the founders, shirts and pants can both be sourced at secondhand stores and thrift stores, or even yard sales. Plain and professional collared white shirts are very common in these stores; and they can be bought for pennies on the dollar through second hand sales!

Only Clean Locally

Traveling long distances to clean a single home can be quite costly. For homes that are more than 45 minutes away, there is quite a bit of gas and time involved in the trip. In the end, it will be at least 1.5 hours spent traveling and potentially more than $10 in gas in most vehicles. This adds up quickly, and can greatly reduce the profit margin for a single job.

Cleaning businesses will always have a place in businesses and homes. They are the perfect startup business, aside from initial costs. However, the income potential is very attractive.