Lego Life Is a Social Network for Children to Create, Share, and Discover Lego Builds

Lego, the toy company known for making plastic bricks for children to connect, assemble, and construct all sorts of things, is moving into the realm of social networks. Yep, you read that right. Lego has launched a new Instagram-like platform for young Lego enthusiasts called Lego Life, which is billed as a central hub for children to share their creations, get inspired, and interact with other budding ones.

Most, if not all, social networks have an age limit of 13 and over. So while there are thousands of communities for adult Lego fans to share their creations – from Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, or Flickr – those same Internet spaces aren’t always conducive or healthy for a child’s upbringing. That’s why Lego Life is built for fans aged 13 or below, allowing them to browse safely while the parents breathe easy.

Users can create their own minifigures – Lego’s preferred choice of term for ‘figurines’ – or follow other Lego fans. There will be account pages for Lego characters such as Lego Batman. You’ll also be able to like and comment on people’s posts, with a catch – you can’t actually craft your own response, but must choose from a variety of emoji, stickers, or preset responses.

Lego has also fitted the app with building challenges, which serve a dual purpose of sparking creativity in what children can build, while also acting as advertisements for new Lego products. There will also be decorating challenges, which involve putting stickers on things, and a bunch of quizzes that are meant to help you show off your knowledge to the world.

Everything you post on the app will be screened by Lego to ensure it’s related to Lego, is age-appropriate, doesn’t show real people, and also doesn’t link to other websites. Even with your profile, Lego Life only allows Lego avatars as your picture, and your username is a bunch of random words so children’s real identities are protected no matter what.

Lego sees the social start to Lego Life as just the first phase, and hopes to expand it by using the account for other Lego games in the future.

Lego Life is available on Android and iOS in the US, the UK, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, and Switzerland.