3 Things You Can Do To Mitigate a Disaster

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Over the past few years, the number of natural disasters seems to have gone up. Wildfires raging on the west coast due to dry conditions seem to occur on the heels of raging floodwaters in the midsection of the country. Hurricanes, tornadoes and a host of other natural occurrences all seem to beat down in quick succession making it impossible to recover from one before another one strikes. Take a look at three things you can do right now to prepare yourself for a natural disaster.

1. Plan for the Worst

You may not be a doomsday kind of person, but when it comes to readying yourself and your family for a disaster, you need to think about the worst-case scenario first. Have a family meeting to discuss evacuation plans and what items need to be left behind. Plan for your family pet as well. If you live in an area prone to flooding or disasters, your local government should have a list of shelters that accept pets in the event an evacuation is necessary.

2. Gather Your Documents

Birth certificates, passports, insurance documents and marriage certificates are all things you should have gathered together in a safe place. You will need to be able to access these items very quickly should circumstances dictate an evacuation is called for. One tip is to keep them all in a water-tight bag so that they will not get damaged. Cities with disaster management plans such as those often affected by hurricanes and tornadoes often have a checklist of the measures you should take for securing documents.

3. Share Your Plans

Get together with your neighbors and family and exchange disaster management plans amongst yourselves. This way, if anyone is unaccounted for, somebody outside of that family will know where they are supposed to be. This comes in handy when extended family and friends try and locate their loved ones in the aftermath.

Disasters are for the large part relatively unpredictable. Gathering your thoughts and plans before something happens is the best way you can keep your family safe.