Met With an Accident? How Do You Protect Your Well being?

Accidents are inevitable. Although you may exercise caution while out on the road, the risk of an accident cannot be eliminated. In the case of an accident, you may have to meet huge hospitalization expenses. For this purpose, you may have to deplete your lifetime savings or borrow from a financial institution or your social circle. In order to avoid such a situation, you may consider investing in a personal accident insurance policy.

Out of the numerous policies available in the market, one of the best personal accident covers is the ‘Activ Secure – Personal Accident’ plan. This planby Aditya Birla Health Insurance Co. Limited (ABHICL) offers coverage against accidental death, as well as Permanent Total Disablement and Permanent Partial Disablement.

Thispersonal accident insurance policy comes with a host of features. Following are the features offered by Activ Secure – Personal Accident plan.

  1. Accidental Death Cover benefit

An accident may lead to an untimely death. In case such an unfortunate event occurs, your nominee is entitled to receive 100% of the sum insured. This amount may be used to meet various financial obligations.

  1. Permanent Total Disablement

In case of Permanent Total Disablement as a result of the accident, you may avail of 100% of the sum insured.

  1. Permanent Partial Disablement

The Activ Secure – Personal Accident plan provides 100% of the sum insured amount in case of a Permanent Partial Disablement, based on the nature of the disability.

  1. Education benefit

Thepersonal accident insurance policyoffers a one-time lump sum payment of 10% of the sum insured for your dependent child. This amount may be used to meet your child’s educational expenses.

  1. Emergency road ambulance cover

In an event of an accident, you may require ambulance services to travel to the nearest hospital. This cost, up to INR 10,000, will be compensated by this insurance plan.

  1. Funeral expenses

This personal accident coverprovides 1% of the sum insured amount, up to INR 50,000, to meet expenses towards funeral or cremation.

  1. Orphan benefit

Irrespective of the number of dependent children, this plan pays 10% of the sum insured, up to INR 15 lakh, in case of accidental death of the parents.

  1. Modification benefit

You may claim up to INR 1 lakh if you wish to carry out improvements to your home or vehicle in an event of a disability.

  1. Compassionate visit

You may wish for your close relative to visit you during your hospitalization. The Activ Secure – Personal Accident plan offers up to INR 10,000 for a relative traveling within the country to visit you, and up to INR 25,000 for an international travel.

  1. Repatriation of remains

The plan provides up to INR 50,000 towards transporting mortal remains from the location of death to the residence or cremation ground.

  1. Personal Accident Cumulative Bonus

In case you have not made any claim during a policy year, you may avail of a 5% bonus, up to a maximum limit of 50% of the sum insured. It is important to note that the bonus amount decreases by 5% in case a claim has been made.

Therefore, you may avail of the benefits of the Activ Secure – Personal Accident plan during the following situations.

  • In case of death of the insured.
  • In case of Permanent Partial Disablement.
  • In case of Permanent Total Disablement.
  • In case you wish to seek finance for your child’s education.
  • In case you seek emergency ambulance services.
  • In case your nominee seeks funds for funeral or cremation expenses.
  • In case your nominee wishes to transport the mortal remains from the place of death to the residence or cremation ground.
  • In case you wish to renovate your home or make modification to your vehicle due to disability.
  • In case you wish for a relative to visit you at the hospital.

The Activ Secure – Personal Accident plan offers numerous benefits in case of an unfortunate event of an accident. It offers comprehensive protection against death and disability. You are financially secured as all your hospital bills would be taken care of. Moreover, you are protected in an event of income loss.

You may, therefore, invest in the ActivSecure – Personal Accident plan and enjoy the various benefits it has to offer. You may buy an online accidental insurance or may visit your nearest branch.