Refurbished Computers: Good Deal or a No-go Zone?

When buying a laptop or PC, one is usually at a conflict whether to buy a new machine or get a refurbished piece for a fraction of the cost. Most of the time the decision is based on one’s budget, but maybe you should consider that refurb even if you can pay for a new laptop without any trouble. Unlike filling a CRA tax return, there is no procedure in acquisition, but here are reasons why you should look into that refurb first.

  • Certainly Cheaper

A refurbished laptop goes for half or sometimes up to 80% of the new laptop. Manufacturers are eager to get rid of them as they would otherwise be left in stock, which isn’t a good deal for them. That said, refurbished computers are not necessarily faulty, since the few defects they have are already looked into before re-selling them.

  • Almost as Good as New

A refurbished computer as we noted above, may have been returned for various reasons. Sometimes, a buyer gets one then changes their mind when they find a better, more powerful model. They could also realize they may never learn how to use it or it has fewer features that they envisioned. Technically, the machine is without fault, and so it’s no different from a new one.

  • All Checks Done

Before a refurb is taken back to circulation, all the problems that caused its return are addressed. The manufacturer will not want to re-sell a product that has returned for being faulty and so they will ensure that all is sound. Chances of getting a faulty refurb are way fewer than those of buying a faulty new machine.

  • Same Warranty Protection

Refurbished computers get the same warranty period as new ones and so you get to enjoy the same benefits at only a fraction of the cost. This means if something that is covered in the warranty happens within the period stipulated, you will not have to incur costs to fix it.

Before you buy

  • Check the Quality

While refurb PCs are a money saver, they also have their downside. Some of them have dents and scratches that could have happened during transit and so you want to ensure that it looks good. If there are scratches, ensure that they don’t harm its insurability or performance. The best case is to find a laptop that doesn’t cost less than 20% its original cost.

  • Buy From Manufacturer

As much as possible, ensure that you only buy refurb PCs directly from the manufacturer or from a certified distributor. With them, you are sure to get a good deal as opposed to getting them from just about anyone. Manufacturer sites have tons of great refurbished machines while other sites such as Amazon also have their share of re-sellers.

Do your Research

Read reviews on refurb PCs before making the decision. Several people swear by refurb computers because they got value for their money. Do your homework properly and you could save a good deal in your next purchase.