Top 3 Commercial Water Purifiers from Kent

Having access to clean drinking water at commercial places is as much important as it is at every home. Commercial establishments are the places where a lot of people flock on a daily basis. So, it’s important for such establishments to provide clean drinking water for all the people who visit the place. As far as commercial water purifiers are concerned, KENT is a brand that is known for offering a vast range of choices. Here are the top 3 commercial water purifiers from KENT, which are strongly compelling choices to buy.


KENT Perk is a great choice of commercial water purifier that offers double purification with UV + RO technology. This makes water absolutely safe for consumption by removing all the impurities like viruses, chemicals, salts and bacteria. It has an inbuilt TDS controller, which thoroughly purifies the water.


The best feature of KENT Perk is that you can get chilled water too. This multi-functional purifier gives you normal purified water and chilled water. The purifier maintains the temperature of the water in the range of 7-17 degree Celsius, which is possible through double protection controller. It is ideal for use at offices, restaurants and any other commercial establishment.

KENT Perk can store approximately 20 liters of water. The ABS food grade plastic material makes the water purifier safe for use. It can purify about 50 liters of water per hour. Its ultrafiltration membrane can easily remove all the impurities from water.


With a compact design, KENT Elite II is yet another great option for commercial establishments. The appliance purifies water by using advanced Mineral RO + UF purification technology. It is ideal for purifying municipal corporation water, tap water and brackish water. The TDS controller makes the water clear and safe to drink by retaining the essential minerals.

One of the best features of KENT Elite II is that it has a storage tank with 8-20 liters storage capacity. This comes in handy when there is no electricity as there would be a steady supply adequate amount of purified water. It comes equipped with two high-pressure pumps and four RO membranes, which ensures 80 liters per hour flow rate.

KENT Elite

KENT Elite comes with a TDS controller, Mineral RO technology and UF + RO double purification technology. It is the right choice of purifier for every workplace irrespective of whether it is an office, restaurant or any other commercial establishment. With 40 liters per hour flow rate, it has two RO membranes. The optional tank has a storage capacity of maximum 20 liters, which vouches for steady water supply.

The best thing about all these KENT commercial water purifiers is that these have been certified for reliability and excellent quality by the world’s renowned labs. So, you can opt for any of the above options that best suit the needs of your establishment.