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You must be thinking that like their games which are available on play store, Jump down is also another one in the realm which will make you have enough of it after a while. Well, my opinion was exactly same when I started playing the game. I didn’t even expect a single bit that this awesome game will be so interesting that I will never ever get bored of it. Even after months, the thrill and excitement are same. To be true, the thrill has increased but not lessened by a single bit. Now you must be thinking what makes this game so amazingly interesting. So, to uncover this fact, go on and read this narrative!

One of the top reasons that people do not get annoyed with this game is its sound effects. Believe me, no matter how long you play the game, the sound effects are not going to irritate you at all. There are a plethora of games which have interesting stuff. Even then physiques get irritated and they delete the game. The sole reason for this is agitating sound. People cannot take the troubling sound for solon. Looks like makers of this game have gone to an extra mile and have cracked the code which makes people stick on to any game app for so long.

If you travel a lot or even if you are one of those people who have to go on with long commuting hours, then the time for that boredom has come to cease for you all. Simply because now you know about this game. The standout feature of this game is that you do not have to be of any specific age to enjoy the play. The constructors of this game have left o stone unturned to build a player that can be enjoyed by everyone irrespective of their age. No matter you are 14 or 40, there is no age bar. You will definitely enjoy the game.

Another factor that makes this game one of the topmost choice for people is the simplicity associated with it. The catch of the game is easy. You just have to jump and save yourself. So even people who are not very tech savvy can play the game easily as it has easy controls as well. This makes this game free from complications. Moreover, one does not have to wrap one’s head around the complicated stuff that many games have. Just jump and save yourself and the game keeps on going.

To go on and

Now you must be thinking that if the game is so simple, then its obvious people would just get bored after sometime. Here is another interesting thing to know about this play. This game consists of levels. So, as soon as you cross one level, you will have to cross another level. Obviously, the levels will get tougher and so would the excitement.

Now, talking about the graphics, they are as impressive as it can get. On one level you can say that graphics gives the player impetus to go on and play. When you see the character jumping, clearing the way and going on and on, it feels like you are clearing the obstacles in real. This game is also empowering. This is because the core of the game is clearing obstacles and moving ahead. Playing this game makes you feel doing the same thing in real life.

It is not the end here. The developers of this game upgrade the app now and again. So, the quality of the game in terms of graphics, sound effects etc gets better and better. One more reason why this app game is one of the most preferred because it takes very less space. This means you will never have the problem of clearing memory. Your phone will never hang even after you upgrade the app.


You do not have to be alone when you play the game. Now you would be thinking that this game is absolutely one player game then how you are not alone! It is simple!. You have the options to add people online for challenges and high score. That is something really alluring. More and more records and more thrills you get for playing the game. You can even make your own group. Not only your friends but you can add random people to challenges. This means you can have competitions from around the world.

My Personal Experience

I started playing this game thinking that I will delete the app after some time. To my surprise, I found that I cannot spend a single day without playing this game. It is an awesome time pass. When I am free I stay glued to my phone. This game is that interesting. I would personally recommend everyone to download this amazing  android app by Click to INSTALL and play this game.

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