PVC extrusion machine

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If you’ve ever watched a movie where you see criminals or heroes cut a hole through a fence, you’ve noticed they’ve used a simple pair of wire cutters to perform the necessary tasks of making a hole for a human to pass through. It may seem simple on the screen, and you may want to get your own pair of cutters to do the same thing. However, hold off a bit, because it may be harder than you think to break those chains. In fact, you may need something like a blowtorch to get through these highly-protected wires.

You can thank the process of PVC extrusion for the strength of this fence wire. While the material the fence is made out of, aluminum, steel, or stainless steel are some examples, is certainly strong, the coatings are what add strength to the wire. It’s also what adds colors and styles as well.

The process is done through a PVC extruder. There are many companies which have the machinery to do this. Some of them, like Bergandi, have been making and coating fence wire for almost a century. Today’s extruder machines apply PVC coatings of various colors and thicknesses to the galvanized wire used for chain link or barbed wire fences. With certain machine models, the wire can be coated at speeds of 1,000 feet per minute! When you’re manufacturing tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of feet of wire in a day, having this type of machine helps to lower costs for the manufacturer and the consumer.

If you’re a fence manufacturing company who is in need of an extruder, you need to look at a few things. The projected budget is first. You have to look at the potential increase of revenue and production in your plant with one of these units. If you feel you can increase your clientele, then this is a good investment. You also want to look at your current manufacturing floor to see if any changes are going to be needed in its configuration to make space for the extruder. If it’s a small low-cost change it should fit in your budget. If not, see if there is still room in your budget to make it happen.