Dharamshala: The Best Place to Quench Your Wanderlust Thirst 

Dalai Lama’s birth place is so famous for its scenic beauty, and it is also widely enthusing among trekkers. Coming to trekking, this is a kind of unbelievably enthusiastic fun and excitement for people who love to trek. Dharamshala, situated in the northern hilly state of Himachal Pradesh is an awestruck location for hill lovers. Chiefly the second winter capital, Dharamshala is a municipal corporation in the district of Kangra. Just like any intoxication, trekking is the one for many. The hills attract them more than their hometown at times, they just don’t feel like witnessing it only, but they want to feel the tranquility and splendor.


  • Triund is the immortal land for trekkers. Occupying itself in the laps of the Dhalaudar Mountains, Triund previews the Dhalaudar Mountains on the one side and the Kangra district on the other. Coming to the trekking locations, Triund is a place which can be trekked by all age groups. It passes through an apparent forest of oaks, deodars, and rhododendron. The trekking experience consists of some 6 kilometers where the first five are easy-breezy, but the last one kilometer is very tedious and draining. Known as the ’22 Curves’ the last kilometer consists of 22 demanding curves which will spend all your energies. Chai lovers can stop at the chai shops during their journey adding refreshment to it. The meandering expedition which gives you a feeling of worth when you manage to view Triund, which is equal to a promising land- it is awe-struck and immensely beautiful. This place can be visited almost any time of the year except for January and February when the roads are blocked due to excessive
  • The enthralling Dhalaudar region has another beauty saved for us that is Indrahar Pass. Initiating from McLeod Ganj in the Kangra district, this trekking experience ends at Chamba. Eyeing the PirPanjal and Dharamshala ranges, this trek gives you a feeling of goodness. This trip offers you to visit the places where the Gaddi shepherd takes their flocks to graze in the meadows in the upper Ravi Valley and Lahaul. The most enchanting view is the peak of Mani Mahesh Kailash and the snow-covered PirPanjal Mountains, adding to that the Indian plains till they eye can catch.
  • Thoughts of weekend gate away interrupting your mind? We have the perfect location for you – McLeod Ganj. This is just a four days trip where you can indulge in trekking, tandem paragliding, hiking, and sightseeing is needless to mention about. First reaching Triund is necessary, from there the trek for McLeod Ganj initiates. You can visit this location any time of the year, but if you are up for paragliding, then 1st February to 20th June and 15th September to 1st January are the specified time limits.
  • Flora and fauna of Dharamshala are of wonder. The flora opens in front of your eyes trees like Oak, Deodar, Rhodendrum, Fir, Pine, and Spruce. Winter fruits are in abundance here like berries, plums, peaches, apples. One can, therefore,savour to as many fruits they want. The fauna includes some rare species like ghoral, blue mountain sheep, black bear, panther, snow leopard, spotted deer, sambar, porcupine, flying squirrels, langur, Himalayan pine martin and so more.

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