Summer Privacy Travel Tips

Travelling is far more popular in the Summer than any other month. It’s also one of the more popular times for your devices to be hacked and your information to get stolen. This is because open networks and travel destinations are teeming with people just waiting on someone with valuable information they want, or can end up selling to other potential criminals. From business trips, to vacations with your family, making sure that your information is kept safe is incredibly important to your financial future.

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            The first thing you should consider, not only for your travelling safety, but for safety at home and anywhere else you might be, is the strength of your passwords. Many people use the same password for multiple platforms, or re-use old passwords. This is an incredibly bad idea.Multiple places have been hacked, and your information is more than likely out there, especially if you have old accounts that you don’t take much stock in anymore. Popular social media sites that were hacked two to four years ago are still creating problems for people today, because of the way in which passwords and other information are out for the public. There are huge lists of information in which have been hacked and many ways to find out if you have been, so make sure that you check and remove any information that hackers may have, including old profiles and passwords.

            Next, you’ll want to make sure that you’re on a secure connection. Hotel, restaurant, coffee shop wi-fi connections are all ways in which your information can be obtained. There are, however, different products that you can buy to make sure that your information is never shared with other people in the network. If you’re having trouble finding secure passwords or not reusing them, all experts say that the best thing you can do is to get a password manager.

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